Kids MMA – Teen Mixed Martial Arts

teen mma kidsMMA is one of the most exciting classes for your child.

Defensive Edge’s Kids MMA classes and Teen MMA classes will improve self-confidence and motivate your child to strive to be the best they can be both in and out of class.  Our Mixed Martial Arts classes in Wakefield Massachusetts teach children aspects of Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. These arts are blended into what is now commonly known as MMA .  Our classes are taught in a safe, friendly environment.

In our MMA kids classes your child will successfully learn how to properly strike and block an opponent. Striking is accomplished with hands, shins, knees and elbows. They’ll also be trained to achieve proper Kids MMA in Wakefield MAblocking techniques and angles needed to avoid strikes. Our MMA Students learn Muay Thai and Western Boxing to effectively use techniques to defend themselves in a stand-up confrontation.

In addition, Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling give Children an understanding of how to win while on the ground. In this portion of the class, they are shown how to control their opponent’s positions by controlling their posture.  They will learn to defeat their opponent by using various techniques and take-downs.  Kids will also successfully learn how to defend these types of attacks against themselves.

martial arts for teensThe MMA portion of the class is dedicated to training both parts of the MMA together, after students master the basics. The curriculum includes sparring, however it isn’t a requirement. All of our instructors are highly trained and care about ‘proper instruction’ of each and every student. All techniques are shown, broken down and taught in a slow, controlled and most importantly, supervised environment, until such a time as the instructors feel the student has mastered the technique.

We proudly teach Mixed Martial Arts to Kids from all over Massachusetts North Shore including: Saugus, Lynn, Peabody, Andover, Melrose, Stoneham, Lynnfield, and Reading.

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