Fitness Classes in Wakefield with Proven Results!

strength&conditioningIf you want to gain strength, lose weight and increase muscle, then FightFIT fitness classes are for you! FightFIT workouts are the perfect solution to improving your overall conditioning and reach your highest level of physical fitness.

FightFIT goes way beyond Fitness Kickboxing classes!

No Crossfit, Pilates, Yoga, P90X, or LA Fitness Gym workout can match the diversity and overall fitness conditioning of FightFIT.  There is nothing quite like a professional martial arts and fitness coach leading you through a high-intensity workout designed for functional fitness. These fitness classes are designed to not only help you dominate in competition but also bring out the best in you mentally and physically!

Guaranteed Results Fast!   This high intensity fitness program is guaranteed to quickly increase your performance and conditioning.  It works especially well for intensive physical sports like MMA, BJJ, Judo or any other combative sport. FightFIT is packed with metabolic circuits!  In these fitness classes, we employ dumbbells, kettlebells, Battling Ropes, TRX, Harnesses, Heavy Bags, and Grappling Dummies to ignite your metabolism!  

Fight FitAnyone can do it... Because the exercises are performed in rounds and timed, anyone can participate at their own pace.  The circuits are timed to replicate 2 Professional MMA matches but without the injury causing contact!  Many of our members are marathon runners, Tough Mudder and/or Spartan race competitors, or just people who love the challenge of our intense workouts! You go at your own pace to reach a higher level of fitness with a caring, professional martial arts coach.  You will notice a change in your body within weeks!  Many of our members have lost 40 plus pounds and packed on muscles that not only look great but are functional! Come in for a free class and test yourself!  You will see remarkable results within weeks!

fightfit tough mudder

How it began…Our FightFIT-XT Fitness classes were originally designed as a strength and conditioning program for our in-house professional MMA fighters. But, soon it quickly evolved into the go-to class for both martial artist and working professionals to get into the best shape in a short period of time. Today, moms and dads train alongside Pro Fighters and Olympic hopefuls and sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference among them!

We guarantee that if you join FightFIT Fitness Classes and are not completely thrilled with the results of our classes after attending a minimum of 2 times per week for 30 days, we will give you a full refund!  No questions asked.

Erica fightfit results

Erica Before and After 12 months of FightFIT

Rick Alford before and After FightFIT

Rick at 49 years old Before and After FightFIT