Defensive Edge MMA F5 Fight Team

Become part of a winning tradition!  Defensive Edge is home to the renowned F5 Fight Team!  Formally American Top Team Boston MMA, Our MMA Team at Defensive Edge Mixed Martial Arts in Wakefield, MA has been a fighting force since 2001!  We have day and evening training for Amateur and Pro’s.

F5 Fight Team Logo - MMA Team

Defensive Edge MMA F5 Fight Team

Wil Santiago MMA - MMA Team

Wil Santiago

Joe Cloutier MMA - MMA Team

Joe Cloutier

Fermanda Araujo MMA - MMA Team

Ferocious Fernanda Araujo Amatuer 135 Lbs

Carlos Valladares MMA - MMA Team

Carlos Valladares

James Palmer MMA - MMA Team

James Palmer 135 Ammy

Kurt Daniels MMA - MMA Team

Kurt Daniels 145 lbs. Ammy

Dan Connoughton MMA - MMA Team

Dan Connaughton Amateur 185 Lbs

Bob Burton MMA - MMA Team

Bob Burton

Josh Johnson MMA - MMA Team

Josh Johnson

Jon Warnock MMA - MMA Team

Jon Warnock

Dave Stewart MMA - MMA Team

Dave Stewart

Ben Martignetti MMA - MMA Team

Ben Martignetti