Brave the Bully – Bully Proof Your Child

Learn safe, Practical & Effective Method to Stop being a victim of Bullying

imbalance-of-powerDo you know what to tell your child if he/she comes home in tears after being bullied?  Do you simply tell your child to ignore the bully?  Do you tell him/her to hit the bully to make him stop?  If so, I have some information that you really need to learn!

What is Bullying?

Bullying is Repeated harmful acts that is done deliberately to harm a child mentally, physically or socially. Bully by definition requires an “Imbalance of power”.  This can be either physical, emotional or social.  It’s not always the smaller child getting picked on.  Sometimes, a child will be picked on who is unwilling or unable to stick up for themselves.

Sensei Rick Alford has dedicated years of research on the safest, most effective and practical ways of handling bullies and designed a program that is easy to learn, remember and follow.

Listen to Rick Alford’s Recent Radio Disney Interview about his Brave the Bully Program Here

What Kids Need to know to Stop Bullying and Keep Safe!

  • The 3 types of responses to bullying and which one’s to never use!social-bullying
  • The 3 Roles of Bullying
  • How to A.C.T. ™
    • A.: Avoid – Students learn strategies to avoid trouble all together. Our students learn to be leaders, making the right choices.
    • C: Communicate – When trouble find them, our students are empowered with intelligent communication strategies that can defuse a conflict before it becomes violent.
    • T: Tactics – When faced with no other choice our students will be ready to respond to physical aggression swiftly. Our students learn the most practical and useful self defense available today! When students are truly confident in their abilities, they become much less likely to be targeted for violence.

kids confidenceAt Defensive Edge Martial Arts, we teach safe, effective methods of dealing with bullies without having to resort to violence. Children learn to use their words properly and carry themselves in a way that makes them less likely to be targeted.

When kids learn our self protection techniques, they become more confident and are less likely to become victims of bullying. Students are taught to use common sense before physical self defense. However, students can be confident that they will have the means to protect themselves if it is unavoidable.

Rick Alford is available to bring the Brave the Bully Program to local schools, Boys and Girl Scouts meetings, and other community organizations.

Please call us to learn more: 781-245-0250.  We can help you help your child!

For more information about protecting against bullying by Brave the Bully founder Sensei Rick Alford, fill out this form to receive your free Bully Prevention Kit!

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